Elite Looter tutorial:

The basic concept of Elite Looter is creating a cross-server currency. If you get money on server A, you will have the same amount on server B and the other way around. Elite Looters currency consists of gathering crates, opening them and getting coins out of them. With coins you can play games, or upgrade your shop for better chances for better crates or more coins. This tutorial will step for step explain how Elite Looter works, but this is only the beginning. If you for example want to know how a specific game works, you can take a look at the documentation. Everything will be explained there, with all possible error messages and a small tutorial on how to use that specific command.

The start and basic Elite Looter knowledge:

With Elite Looter you can get crates by typing messages in chat. All messages suffice, unless they are empty or are from a bot. Bots can't use Elite Looter at all. There are 6 standard types of crates: basic, normal, rare, epic, legendary and mythic. You get the least money out of a basic crate and the most out of a mythic of course. The message that you have gotten a crate looks like this:

You can open it with ;crate open <cratetype>, so for example ;crate open rare. You can see an overview of your coins and crates with ;profile. Patreon crates can be collected by typing ;weekly, however only patrons can use that command. With the ;tutorial command you can claim a free mythic crate. It also gives you a basic in-bot tutorial. If you are lucky, we have just hit a milestone like 3750 guilds and you can claim ;free. This is a crate that contains 5000 to 10000 coins. Also, you can claim a ;daily crate. This will give you a random crate (from the 6 cratetypes)

When you have opened your first crates

You should have around 2000 or 8000 coins when you have opened your free crate. With this money you can upgrade your shop. You can see the shop with ;shop:

The white bar will fill up if you near the max level of the upgrade. You can upgrade something with ;shop buy <upgradename>. An overview of all the upgradenames can be found in the documentation You can also type ;shop buy and check out the list the bot should spit out.

Playing some games

Currently, elite looter also has a few games, but there are plans to add more in the future. The games you can play are a gamble game, with which you can gamble crates, a dice game, a bet game and a slotmachine. I also made a little video to show the slotmachine off:

You can see a list with all the games by using the command ;games. A tutorial on all the games can be found in the documentation.

For server owners and moderators

You can customize elite looter a little bit with the ;options menu. It has a handfull of options, including dmcommands, dmmessages and customcurrency. Dmcommands sends the output of commands to people on dm, instead of in the server chat. The same goes for dmmessages, but this sends messages that you got a crate in dm to people. CustomCurrency activates custom currency. A tutorial about that will follow when the custom currency update goes live (countdown)

Custom Currency tutorial