About Sjustein

Who is that guy that created Elite Looter? I get that question quite often. Actually not, but I still wanted to create that page because I thought it would probably be interesting? So I'm Sjustein, a 16 year old guy who lives in the Netherlands. Obviously I love programming. I started programming a few years ago, but it wasn't that interesting back then, since I didn't really have anything to do it for. I learned the basics and made some crappy programs in Visual Basic. In April 2017 I started creating discord bots, you can read more about that on this page. I started with learning c# and once I got the absolute basics I watched a tutorial on how to make a discord bot.

I started on a few bots, none of them were really finished. The bot that I learned creating discord bots with was the 'TestBot', but since I didn't really need it anymore, I deleted it. Soon after I learned how to create discord bots I started working on another project: Elite Looter. If you want to know why it's called Elite Looter and what I used as inspiration, take a look at this page. It started of in .Net Framework 5.2 and I used mono to host it on my raspberry pi. This solution barely worked, so soon after that I needed to rewrite the entire bot. This became the update. Luckily it didn't have that many commands at the time, so it didn't take me that long. I upgraded from Discord.Net 0.9.6 to Discord.Net 1.0.0-rc and changed the framework from .NET Framework to .NET Core 1.1.2!

I really enjoyed programming in general, and also programming Elite Looter. Every command a user suggested (or some command I thought of) faced me with another challenge. I learned many things from programming Elite Looter and he really is my little child. The people in the support guild are always inspiring me to add more and more to elite looter and they are the people that keep me going (donators: you also keep the website going! Thnx Unsolidsnek, Jay_Lundyy, tangina mo ramon, Sav'aaq and Suprnova).

Since I still have much fun from programming Elite Looter and he learns me plenty of new programming stuff, I have no plans on stopping the development of Elite Looter in the near future.