About Elite Looter

Elite Looter is a discord bot, that only has functionality for currency. You can invite Elite Looter to your discord server with this link! With Elite Looter it's possible to get crates, by typing random messages in chat. Per message you have a 1 in 200 chance of getting a random crate. Currently, there are 6 normal cratetypes, 1 free crate and 5 types of patreon crates. You can see them on on this page. You can open these crates to get coins, with which you can play games like a dice game, you can start a bet with your friends, or just gamble for more crates! There is also a top 15 richest members, where you can get when you have lots of money.

Recently I've added functionality for discoin. Discoin is a platform with which participating bots can exchange money with each other. Participating bots are for example: DueUtil, DiscordTel and KekBot. You can find a full list of participating bots over here. You can find a full tutorial on Elite Looter with the ;tutorial command and a full list of commands with ;help. If you have an update idea, you can submit it with ;update submit <your update idea>. If you have found a bug, you can also let me know with ;bug report <bug description>. Typically I will send you a friend request if I see something in your idea/want more information about the bug you submitted. I'll add an emoji behind you name, it's a warning sign and it's called check_your_dms. This means I sent you a friend request.

The history of Elite Looter

Around the end of March, discord bot creating caught my intereset. We had a server with our in-real-life friends and I didn't know that much about discord, so I didn't know about the existance of bots. When my friend added a bot called Bran, made by Steven Quartz Universe, I wondered if I could make something like that myself. By then, I only had a little bit of programming experience in c#. I knew the basics and had written some programs before, so I decided: let's grab this challenge and learn how to make a discord bot. I found a tutorial on youtube, which explained me the basics of creating a discord bot. Soon there was my first bot: the TestBot!

So creating the TestBot went pretty well, but I wanted to make more. At the time, my friend TheWalkingRat had also created a server called 'Elite Looters' in which he invited everyone (or at least tried) that was in Bran's top 15 (now he is called Konata). Since I was creating discord bots, I figured I would create a bot, specifically for that server. Since I didn't have much inspiration for a name, I called it 'Elite Looter'. I made a first version, designed with in mind that the maximum amount of users would be around 100. It had one type of crate, which you could open, with one loottable and one more command! The invite command... This version got released on April the 6th of this year. At first, nothing happened, because noone wanted to invite it, since it was such a crappy bot. It wasn't even hosted 24/7, but new versions were being created. Not that long later I decided to host it 24/7 on my raspberry pi 2B. Then I decided it would be fun to see what would happen when I would add Elite Looter to the both bot lists.

So I added Elite Looter to the both bot lists, but thought that that wouldn't help the bot out too much. At this point I still expected Elite Looter to be a fun little project that my friends and a few servers would appreciate, but soon after I added Elite Looter to the bot lists it began growing. At first it grew fairly slow, with 0 to 2 guilds per day, but a few weeks later that 0 to 2 guilds became 5 per day and another few weeks after that it became 10. After a month it even grew with a solid 20 guilds per day! I was never expecting that and soon we hit 100 guilds and I released the support guild to help people out with their problems. At first, there were 10 people in it and it was fun! There was even an Elite Looter Community server, made by ThePlayerLo!

Elite Looter hit 100 guilds and I released the official Elite Looter Support Server, which you can join if you want to hang out with other Elite Looter users or just want help with the bot! That guild also grew slowly, same for Elite Looter. When we hit 100 guilds I decided to do a giveaway and give everyone a free crate, containing 5000 to 10.000 coins! Since then you would get that crate every milestone! So Elite Looter grew and hit the 250 guilds, I did another giveaway, then we hit 500 guilds (the first of July) and finally the 1000 guilds! That was an insane moment (The 7th of august) that I never expected to hit, because Elite Looter started as a fun little side project. I gave everyone a free crate once again and a few other crates + 10.000 coins! We will see how Elite Looter will grow in the future, but currently it is in 2491 servers, it has 60.000 users in the 2491 servers, we have 333 members (no joke, go check it out in the #news channel) in the support guild and 11 donators that donate $15 per month!

That brings us to the last topic: donations! It was again, not my idea, however I was thinking about setting up a patreon page. The final push for me to create a patreon page was TheWalkingRat suggesting me to create a donation page. I though: yeah that's fun, maybe someone is gonna donate 1 dollar or so. The first month of the patreon page, noone donated (it went live on July the 21th). However, the month after some insane guy called Unsolidsnek donated $16! At first I thought he was making a joke, but at the end of the month he actually donated! I was very happy with it and the month after I got $7. The people that donated made this website possible! If you want to donate as well, take a look at this page!