General information:

Thanks to everyone that donated, you made this website possible! If you consider donating, keep in mind it would help out Elite Looter greatly! You can donate here! Keep in mind that if you have entered your payment information, you haven't actually donated yet, so you will not receive your rewards yet. You will get your rewards when patreon processes them, if you don't change and your payment info and entered it correctly, patreon will charge you the first of every month. It happens across that day, so it's possible that the guy that donated days after you, gets his reward a few hours earlier (or later of course). If your payment gets the status 'Processed', you will receive your rewards. If patreon couldn't charge you in one way or another, you will get the status 'Declined' and (this is what patreon tells me) you need to update your payment information in order to get your rewards.

My plans on what to do with the money:

Obviously I need to pay the domain name for the website yearly, which costs $16 per year + $5 monthly for the hosting of the website. If I earn more, this would allow me to get a VPS or, if I'm hosting some kind of insane amount, it would allow me to buy a better hosting computer. Also I can set up some more projects for other bots or just other programming projects in general. And that all will be and is made possible by these fantastic people: